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To come and go.

2009-10-06 23:25:46 by avarage

Well it's been forever since anything new I contributed so I uploaded some stuff for today and will add more again tomorrow. None of its any good but that's what I am. Hoping this stuff does about a 3 since that's what I aim for. I will be adding one definite piece of junk tomorrow, just well because you can't be regular if you don't have at least one total piece of loser. Now to sleep like a sheep.

My first submission

2008-01-19 23:56:37 by avarage

I'm feeling pretty good! I submitted my first work and it did good. It might not be a 4 but hey, for me a 3 is just fine and I couldn't be happier. I hope that I can come up with something that'll really impress people but it's probably better not to have an impossible dream like that. So long as I can be ordinary everything's fine by me, after all that's why I like the name I've got.